Black Photo Frame Gallery Walls Maximise Space

How to Use Black Photo Frame Gallery Walls to Maximise Space


Let’s face it.

Bland, uninteresting walls are a downer. They are boring, blah, and visually uninteresting, to say the least.

And as homeowners, we assume we need to hang one painting, and we're good to go.

That actually works, but another way exists: Gallery walls.

Gallery walls are the in-thing right now.


Well, for starters, it’s inexpensive and brings out the biggest impact. You only invest in good photo frames to elevate its decorative aspect.

They also add character, depth, and personality; and allows you to showcase favourite photos, art pieces, and kiddo art at a go without committing a décor sin.

What Frames Will Suit my Walls?

This article will solely focus on using black photo frames on your gallery walls.

Reason being? Black photo frames ooze elegance and sophistication and blend into various themed interior styles.

They also match with the darker parts of your photograph, while beautifully contrasting with lighter areas.


Here’s how to use black-framed gallery walls in different rooms.



Contrary to popular belief, kitchen walls must not be plain. The space between countertops and ceiling provides the perfect backdrop to hang photographs.

A grid pattern is the most suitable to introduce some formality and order. Avoid directly exposing pictures to heat and moisture, though. Otherwise, they’ll get damaged over time. 


Living Room

It’s usually the largest room in the house; therefore, it offers substantial space to decorate with gallery walls.

Utilise above-the-couch space. You can mix and hang anything from personal photos, original art, and old photographs. Don’t worry, the black photo frames tie everything together and result in a cohesive, uniform look.

Alternatively, use adjacent walls and define that bare space. Be playful with your display.


Home Office

Home offices benefit the most from the structure brought about by grid arrangement. But you don’t have to follow this suggestion, though. You can incorporate salon arrangement to evoke playfulness and a relaxed vibe.

Throw in some framed quotes or proud achievements above the work area to always keep you motivated.


Display sentimental family photographs above the headboard to keep memories alive and create a focal point. Ensure to leave 4-8 inches between the top of the headboard and bottom of the frame.

Furthermore, you can dress up the blank wall with your family and friends' photographs to increase visual interest and aesthetics.



Gallery walls create a stunning statement and are the perfect finish to your dream home. Think of the bare walls as incredible displays waiting to happen.

As for the ‘what frames will suit my walls’ question, black photo frames are the most appropriate, especially on stark white walls.